One of the five “C’s” of IoT is connectivity, an important facet of IoT. Wireless connectivity is now in abundance through various means like wireless LAN, Bluetooth®, ZigBee®, mobile networks, and ultra-wideband networks. Deciding which wireless standard to deploy is often just as challenging as designing and testing the IoT device. On top of that, today’s mobile device users expect a superior experience — both in terms of functionality and quality of voice and data transfer. 

Keysight’s IoT wireless communication test systems can help you with the rigorous integration, interoperability, and carrier acceptance testing phases that mobile operators and device manufacturers require.

Wireless Connectivity Design and Test

Connectivity presents new challenges to designers, especially for mission-critical applications, where highly complex systems and dense device deployments need to work reliably and without fail. The evolving wireless standards also add complexity to device development and testing.

Get ready with Keysight solutions to test your IoT devices today and tomorrow. Be confident that your designs — whether they are a consumer or mission-critical IoT devices — meet product specifications. 

Master wireless standards design and test for IoT
Conformance test solution for cellular IoT

Wireless Device Manufacturing

Drive down the cost of test, advance development, and deliver robust, reliable IoT devices — these are the goals for wireless connectivity testing. Test engineers need to keep the production line running efficiently and cost-effectively with speed and reliability to accurately produce and analyze wireless signals every time. 

Simplify and accelerate the wireless test process to meet manufacturing needs while keeping in sync with the latest wireless standards. 

Interoperability Testing

Understanding the real-world performance of a wireless IoT device is critical for its successful deployment and operation. The massive increase in the number and density of devices deployed for IoT applications and services, among other factors, conspire to degrade expected performance in the field, decreasing the quality of user experience (QoE) and impacting revenue.

Test IoT devices to ensure they can withstand the rigors of the real world to limit your risk and increase revenue.

Interoperability testing
IoT Education Hub: Wireless communication test

IoT Education Hub: Wireless Communication Test

Delivering the superior wireless communications experience consumers demand is hard. It requires more than a keen understanding of the challenges you’ll face, and selection of the right solutions. You need to know how to use those solutions to solve your challenges, and the best measurement tips and practices to follow.

The IoT Education Hub offers you access to the latest educational resources on wireless communications testing. Download “how-to” information and learn how you can ensure you are creating optimized, well managed, reliable, and secure IoT wireless communications systems.

Let Keysight’s IoT Education Hub help you realize the promise of IoT today.

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