Networks are in constant flux. Organizations frequently add new business services to their networks, and network equipment undergoes continual updates and upgrades. An existing network must be capable of supporting new services. Organizations need to qualify the network, assess performance, and predict the quality of experience (QoE) of newly deployed services.

Quality assurance engineers and IT teams must have fast and efficient methods to verify and quantify performance before shipping products or rolling out services. Monitoring network performance and providing capabilities to troubleshoot are key to successful day-to-day operations.

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Network Readiness

Great network connectivity is one that is stable, with high capacity and performance, that exceeds the quality of experience (QoE) needs of its users. For mission-critical IoT, networks must support a broad range of IoT devices, often in dense deployments and cellular / noncellular formats, while also providing coverage in a range of different environments and locations. 

Comprehensive network testing is essential to ensure the network is ready and able to achieve high quality and a superior QoE.

Network Security and Reliability

Organizations rely on a wide variety of security solutions to protect their networks from cyberattacks and traffic anomalies. However, the security infrastructure becomes more complex when deploying more tools.

What results is a mix of security solutions that are tough to verify and challenging to scale. Worse yet, these complex system interactions pose a serious risk to security performance and network resiliency. Mission-critical IoT cannot tolerate such threats.

To ensure networks are robust and safe — and to protect profits — companies must use a testing ecosystem that is powerful enough to measure and harden the performance of networks and security devices while delivering an ease of use that breaks through the complexity.

Measure quality of experience (QoE) for your IoT network
Measure quality of experience (QoE) for your IoT network

Measure QoE

As the IoT grows, so too will demand on the network. How it scales and the user’s experience during scale, will be critical in determining the IoT’s global proliferation and success. To deliver the best user experience, organizations need to meet stringent network quality requirements.

The challenge is how to properly test business-critical applications so that consumer quality of experience (QoE) isn’t put at risk. Keysight's solution, which scales with your infrastructure, delivers comprehensive performance testing for validating user QoE. It enables realistic application testing and QoE modeling. Real-time QoE metrics let you quickly identify network degradations and isolate breaking points. With this scalable and easy to use solution, you don’t have to be a protocol expert to achieve complete end-to-end service validation.

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IoT Education Hub: Network and System Test

Ensuring a network is up to the task of the IoT can be a daunting task. It requires more than a keen understanding of the challenges you’ll face, and selection of the right solutions. You need to know how to use those solutions to solve your challenges, and the best measurement tips and practices to follow.

The IoT Education Hub offers you access to the latest educational resources on IoT network and system testing. Download valuable “how-to” information and learn how you can ensure your IoT networks are reliable, secure, and able to scale.

Let Keysight’s IoT Education Hub help you realize the promise of IoT today.

IoT Education Hub: Network and system test

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