Keysight Streamline Series USB Vector Network Analyzers

Compact form, zero compromise

Benchtop performance in a USB form factor

Move confidently across every stage of your product's development lifecycle with accurate and repeatable measurements, automated code capability, and a consistent, intuitive user experience.

Increase efficiency in your development process

Most USB instruments are not comparable to benchtop performance. They often have a different user interface while inconsistent measurements and automated coding between each platform makes the transition from each development phase more time intensive. 

With the Keysight Streamline Series, you can expect a common UI, measurement capabilities, and automated code between all form factors: USB, benchtop, and modular. This allows you to move between product development phases more efficiently and effectively since knowledge and data can easily be transferred between the various platforms.  

Uncompromised RF Performance

When shopping for usb form factor equipment, it can be hard to see the difference between each vendor when they have somewhat similar specs on paper. The Keysight Streamline Series USB VNA is based on proven measurement science and shares a common GUI with high-end instruments, enabling you to easily integrate the Streamline Series into your workflow. 

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