Suspends the chassis in a Keysight rack using only 4 U of rack space, and also recesses the chassis by 4 in


  • Allows the chassis to be rack mounted in 4U of space
  • Recesses the chassis by 4 inches
  • Can be used with optional cable tray and rail kits

The Y1216B is a complete rack-mounting kit for the M9018B and M9019A PXIe chassis. It includes rack flanges, handles, and attachment hardware. Y1216B suspends the chassis in a Keysight Rack using only 4U of rack space. It also recesses the chassis by 4 inches. This kit is not compatible with the Y1270A Front Panel Interfacing Kit.

Rack rails may be needed in a non-Keysight rack and are ordered separately. When rails are used, the chassis will require 5U of rack space.

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