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Save up to 25% on eligible Oscilloscopes, Network Analyzers, Signal Analyzers, and Signal Generators with the Get More for Less Promotion!


Unlock savings and enhance your instrument capabilities with superior bandwidth for unparalleled value. For a limited time, take advantage of up to 25% off pricing on qualifying instruments to get more bandwidth and frequency for less. With more bandwidth, you will be able to capture higher-frequency signals with accuracy and reliability — ensuring you do not miss anything in your analysis. 


Whether your application is high-speed digital, 5G, automotive, aerospace, defense, or general purpose, our UXR and MXR B-Series oscilloscopes, signal analyzers, signal generators, and network analyzers enable you to meet your testing requirements and future-proof your investment.


These promotions will enable you to…

1. Get a lower price on a model you were already considering.

2. Purchase a higher bandwidth model than originally planned for next-generation requirements.

3. Purchase your first Keysight high-performance instrument that was previously price inhibitive.


We are also offering discounted rates for KeysightCare for up to five years with this promotion. All instruments include one year of KeysightCare Assured. For a limited time, upgrade your eligible instrument to a 2, 3, or 5-year KeysightCare Assured or Enhanced service plan at the same discount rate as your hardware during the promotional period.


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