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Keysight’s photovoltaic (PV) simulator includes the hardware and software to test a single maximum power point tracking (MPPT) inverter accurately. Test PV voltages up to 2000 V and 60 A with a single supply. DG9000 Series software licenses are available to test string inverter with 4-, 8-, or 12-MPPT channels. Most string inverter solutions test one MPPT channel at a time — leading to test inaccuracies. Keysight's DG9000 advanced PV inverter software can test up to 12 MPPT channels simultaneously.

  • Output up to 2000 V and 30 kW in a 3U package
  • Test up to 600 kW channels with parallel units
  • Select built-in curves or create a custom table using up to 1024 points
  • DG9000 Series software simplifies single and multi-MPPT inverter tests
  • Use as a standard 30 kW autoranging supply for DC sourcing
  • Connectivity includes LAN (LXI Core), USB, and GPIB
Option UJ1 module

Advanced PV Inverter Test Software

Whether your inverter has one or twelve MPPT channels, Keysight's string Inverter test solution can help you go beyond current test standards to maximize performance. Keysight's PV solution enables you to optimize maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithms and devices. With the DG9000 Series software, you can simultaneously test multiple MPPT channels.

Key Specifications

Number of Outputs


Total Power

30 kW

Rack Units


Ripple and Noise

3 mVrms



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