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Network Performance and Security Products


Avoid Attacks and Maintain Peak Performance with Dynamic Network Intelligence


A lot is riding on your network. You need to connect your users, secure critical applications, and protect sensitive data. Network uptime, user experience, and security are more important than ever — but minimizing service disruptions and preventing attacks has never been more challenging: 


• Distributed network applications, edge computing, and SD-WAN make it difficult to see everything at once.

• Dispersed employees increase your attack surface and make it harder to maintain consistent quality of service (QoS) — especially as more work from home.

• Misconfigured tools are constantly exploited by attackers and leave you blind to performance problems.


You need a source of truth. Keysight can help. As the world leader in application and threat intelligence, companies trust our solutions to deliver a combination of proactive insight and real-time analytics from every corner of their networks — spanning cloud, virtual, and on-premises infrastructure. Armed with this dynamic network intelligence, you will find it easier to prevent performance problems and avoid attacks.


Don’t wait for costly surprises to threaten security or user experience. Discover our network performance and security products to see why 77 of the Fortune 100 depend on dynamic network intelligence.


Threat Simulator: Breach and Attack Simulation Platform


Security is never static. New threats are ever-present, and misconfigurations can compromise your network in an instant. While it may sound counterintuitive, you need to attack yourself — before someone else does. By safely simulating the entire kill chain on your production network, you can definitively measure risk, expose gaps, and course-correct with step-by-step remediations


Built on 20+ years of leadership in threat intelligence and security testing, Keysight Threat Simulator makes it easy to continuously validate your defenses and prove you’re safer than you were yesterday. With turnkey SIEM integrations and 24/7/365 updates from our Threat Intelligence database, Threat Simulator empowers your security operations (SecOps) team to take control of a rapidly changing attack surface


Software-as-aService (SaaS)


Malware, spear phishing, cross-site scripting, data exfiltration, database exploits, advanced

persistent threats, cryptojacking, and more


URL filtering, gateway antivirus, malware sandbox

IBM QRadar, Splunk

Continuous updates to attack library from

Keysight Application and Threat Intelligence

(ATI) Research Center


ThreatARMOR: Threat Intelligence Gateway


Attackers are tenacious, but they aren’t perfect. Many threats are preventable — yet breaches remain as prevalent as ever. SecOps teams work tirelessly to prevent attacks, but the sheer volume of SIEM alerts is immense, and you may often miss vital clues


You need to reduce your attack surface — and that means stopping attackers from ever entering your network. That’s why SecOps teams rely on ThreatARMOR to prevent malicious IP traffic from ever accessing their network in the first place. As bad actors continually circumvent firewall filters, threat intelligence gateways like ThreatARMOR give you a more resilient defense — drawing from a continuously-updated database of known attackers to block threats by location, not behavior


On-premises (1RU)

Front panel LCD display, cloudbased controller

1 G, 10 G

Known-bad sites and untrusted locations

Botnet communication from infected internal systems

Built-in bypass mode and dual-redundant power supplies


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