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Unleash Your Network’s Full Potential 

Testing tomorrow’s technologies today! 

Your high-performance networks, devices, and services give you a competitive edge. Whether you’re a network equipment manufacturer (NEM) who must identify issues before shipping to prevent costly product recalls and warranty claims, a service provider validating performance under high traffic to meet service level agreements (SLAs), or an enterprise using the devices and applications, the network is your lifeline. With today’s everchanging new technologies and network architectures like edge computing, zero trust network access (ZTNA) and secure access service edge (SASE), testing is critical to verify compatibility, optimize performance and strengthen your overall security posture. By testing the performance of your network applications and services, you can quickly identify potential bottlenecks and other network issues, ensuring smooth roll-out and reliable quality of experience (QoE). Layer 4-7 testing is vital for network security, helping you to pinpoint vulnerabilities, meet compliance requirements, and improve incident response times. As cyber threats increase and become more sophisticated, it’s crucial to implement proactive security measures to safeguard your organization’s sensitive data and mitigate potential risks. As networks become more hybrid and distributed, it’s also important to validate performance, scalability and robustness. Testing determines exactly how well your network can handle growing traffic loads and adapt to changing user demands, enabling you to prevent performance degradation and maintain high availability. Keysight offers the industry’s highest-performance solutions with the most realistic application workloads, traffic mixes, dynamic payloads, and threat simulation and evasions. Our layer 4-7 test solutions replicate your network in action and support a wide range of protocols and applications, with realistic testing scenarios. Explore our solutions and stay a step ahead of the game! Layer 4-7 Network Test Software 

Comprehensive network, application and security coverage with intuitive UI and full test automation 

Our broad selection of application and security test software delivers the industry’s most comprehensive and trusted L4-7 testing methodologies. 

Keysight’s application and security testing solutions, powered by our Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) security research center, provide a comprehensive database of network applications (600+) and security attacks (100K+) for testing converged multi-play services, application delivery, and network security controls, for both wired and wireless networks. Our L4-7 solutions deliver the insights you need to balance the cybersecurity and application performance demands of today’s distributed and hybrid environments. 


All-in-one applications and network security testing application 

  • Delivers all real-world traffic simultaneously from a single port, including legitimate traffic, exploits, malware and even DDoS. 
  • Simulates 700+ real-world application protocols and more than 150,000 security attacks from enterprise to cloud-scale, with customization for true realism, including bringing production network dynamics into the lab via TrafficREWIND. 
  • Ensures users stay current with daily malware updates, new applications and threats via biweekly Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) subscription updates.
  • • Delivers unparalleled performance, from PerfectStorm, to CloudStorm, and the APS-M8400 appliance, the industry’s first 400GE application and security testing system, capable of generating 3.2 Tbps L4-7 throughput, over 5.1 billion concurrent connections, and 56 million connections per second to emulate realworld traffic network at hyperscale. 
  • BreakingPoint VE extends the power of BreakingPoint to virtualized systems and networks, running on a variety of commercially available compute environments, including private and public clouds, to validate virtual network functions (VNF) and physical network functions (PNF) with functional testing and performance benchmarking. 


L4-7 performance testing for multi-play services and application delivery platforms 

  • Offers the industry’s highest HTTP, TLS, and IPsec performance and scale. 
  • Delivers end-to-end testing of converged wireless and wired application delivery infrastructure and services. 
  • Provides high performance voice and video emulation with real-time insight into quality of experience (QoE). 
  • Emulates fully integrated broadband network infrastructures with application traffic testing including modeling the dynamic nature of user behavior. 
  • Works smoothly in virtualized network environments and runs from a large number or commercially available compute environments including both private and public clouds to validate VNF/PNF with functional testing and performance benchmarking. 
  • Industry standard for network service testing (IPsec, TLS, multi-play with VoIP/video/data) featuring extensive perflow, per-subscriber analysis.


Industry’s first cloud native elastic application and security test solution for zero trust in distributed cloud 

  • Create digital twin of users, applications, and attacks to validate network performance, security efficacy and quantify user QoE in real-world distributed and hybrid networks. 
  • Test the functionality and performance of zero trust policies with authenticated and unauthenticated application traffic and security attacks. 
  • Validate the control plane performance and scalability of SSL VPN or IPsec Gateways, and the application performance and security efficacy of VPN enabled network security solutions. 
  • Deploy lightweight traffic agents as containerized pods (on-prem or managed Kubernetes), VMs, COTS, and private or public cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure). 
  • Test network application performance and security efficacy in both pre-deployment lab settings and safely in live production networks. 
  • Deliver fully automated orchestration and test execution for today’s continuous integration, deployment, testing (CI/CD/CT) environments. 
  • Solve real-world test challenges for cloud migration, SD-WAN optimization, SASE validation, CDN delivery, and zero trust network access (ZTNA). 

Layer 4-7 Network Test Hardware 

Keysight’s L4-7 application-focused family of load modules and standalone appliances includes APS, CloudStorm, PerfectStorm and Novus-NP, that collectively offer the industry’s most scalable solution set for testing converged multi-play services, application delivery, and network security platforms. These solutions deliver the insights you need to balance cybersecurity with application and encryption test performance, enabling you to effectively identify security gaps, performance bottlenecks, and interoperability issues. 

APS-100/400GE Family

Industry’s most powerful application and cybersecurity test platform 

  • Delivers the industry’s first native 400GE application and security testing platform. 
  • Employs a modular approach allowing users to stack APS-ONE-100 appliances to scale up to 16 compute nodes all managed by a single APS-M8400 appliance. 
  • Creates a hyperscale system capable of driving 5.1 billion concurrent TCP connections and generating 3.2 Tbps of L47 traffic through BreakingPoint. 
  • Meets data center and service provider demands (i.e., mobile 5G) to balance security and performance to effectively test hyperscale network infrastructure consisting of NextGen firewalls (NGFW) and application delivery controllers (ADC). 
  • Delivers unparalleled TLS performance to significantly improve the transmission of realistic application mixes over TLS connections. (see chart for details). 
  • Supports a flexible 'pay-as-you-go' model, enabling you to build a test system supporting 200Gbps today and scaling up to support 3.2 Tbps as your needs grow. 


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