AresONE-S 400GE

AresONE-S-400GE 16-Port PAM4 and NRZ Test

World's highest-density 16- and 8-port QSFP-DD test solutions

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  • Grow with your needs with high-port-count 16-port and 8-port models that both come with reduced port options for economical lower-port-count testing, along with options for reduced or high performance 
  • Optimize power and cooling requirements with 2RU fixed chassis form factor 
  • Future-proof with one platform for all seven speeds: 400/200/100/50/40/25/10GE with PAM4 and NRZ signaling mode support
  • Scale to 6.4 Tbps of line-rate traffic, with the ability to synchronize up to 5 chassis in a star topology to test 25.6 Tbps and an option for up to 6 chassis for applications beyond 25.6 Tbps with the Metronome Timing System
  • Validate with complete L2/3 protocols emulation support with the IxNetwork software application
  • Improve interoperability for optics, cables, and devices using Layer 1 BERT, PCS, and FEC testing for both PAM4 and NRZ signaling modes

Ultra-High-Density 400GE Testing

8x56Gb/s electrical interface, PAM4 encoded technology is becoming popular with 400GE adoption. Most switch ASICs now support this new PAM4 modulation along with the legacy NRZ encoding used for lower-speed technologies—easing the transition from 100GE to 400GE. Testing all 7 speeds from 10GE to 400GE on these platforms has become a new challenge. Bandwidth requirements for internet applications are driving the need for testing line rate traffic of 3.2, 6.4, 12.8, 25.6 Tbps ASICs.

Keysight has extended its industry-leading AresONE 400GE network test platforms to address these evolving market needs.

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All-In-One Test Platform with 16-Port Density and 7 Speeds

AresONE-S is our latest addition to the AresONE family, doubling the density of AresONE in the same 2RU fixed chassis form factor. A staggering 6.4Tbps traffic generation capability, stackable to build higher-throughput testbeds gives you a future-proof test platform that can grow with your needs. It enables testing 7 speeds in the same platform with each port capable of the following speeds.

PAM4 Speeds: 1x400, 2x200, 4x100, 8x50GE

NRZ Speeds: 2x100, 4x50, 2x40, 8x25, 8x10GE

Flexibility to Fit Your Budget With Pay As You Grow

When it comes to testing hardware and software, you need the flexibility to grow with your needs and fit your budget. That is why we made AresONE-S available in an 8-port hardware chassis that supports an economical 4-port configuration, and a 16-port hardware chassis that supports an affordable 8-port configuration. All lower-port-count configurations are field-upgradeable to higher port counts. 

Performance options that apply to any chassis port count configuration are field-upgradable from reduced- to full-performance. While the reduced-performance models are used for packet blasting and RFC benchmarking, the full-performance models are ideal to test carrier-class edge and core routers and different classes of data center switches to validate line-rate network traffic performance and the scale and performance of networking protocols.

Flexibility to fit your budget with pay as you grow

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