Create signals that conform to GSM/EDGE/Evo communication standards with Keysight signal generators.


  • Generate single-carrier and multi-carrier arbitrary waveform test signals for GSM, EDGE and EDGE-Evolution (EGPRS2) signals
  • Basic waveform playback mode for mobile and base station component modulation and power testing
  • Advanced waveform playback mode for mobile and base station receiver testing with transport-channel coding
  • Adjustable timeslot parameters: power level, burst types (GSM, EDGE or EGPRS2; EDGE Evolution), data offsets, and multi-slot feature to maintain power
  • GSM/EDGE real-time signal creation which can support 1)Adjustable timeslot parameters; 2) Configurable secondary frame with channel coding; 3)Support fully coded signals for receiver sensitivity and selectivity measurements; 4)Real-time data inputs and BER / BLER insertion
  • KeysightCare software support subscription included

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