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BenchVue Software

USB Modular Source Measure Unit (SMU) Control Pro

This bundle is part of PathWave BenchVue Software

Installs on: Computer

Key Features

  • Perform unrestricted data logging with limit checking and alerts
  • All of the capabilities of the USB Modular Source Measure Unit (SMU) Control Bundle, which include:
    • Quickly connect and setup your USB modular SMU
    • Easily configure voltage and current source, range and limit for each SMU channel
    • Simply configure SMU channels in serial or parallel to achieve higher throughput
    • Display source and measure for each individual channel concurrently
    • Plot I-V curve (with U2723A only)
  • KeysightCare software support subscription included
  • License included with new instrument purchase


Prerequisite Software

In order to use this bundle, you must also have the following:

System Requirements

Instrument Compatibility

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