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V2X will revolutionize the mobility experience and improve safety. The ability of a vehicle to communicate with its surrounding environment offers an endless number of possibilities. However, V2X creates new challenges for OEMs and road operators, requiring that use cases are tested against communication standards, regulatory requirements, and interoperability.

The WaveBee systems product family is designed for V2X requirements of the automotive industry and infrastructure manufacturers. The series includes development platforms, on board units, roadside units (ITS stations), simulation, testing, and verification. Explore complete testing equipment that proves grounds for V2X field tests in highly scalable expansion stages.

Keysight Creates Safe Journey in V2X

Keysight offers solutions for comprehensive V2X testing, which can help you validate use cases in the lab, on the track, and on the road. The WaveBee toolchain is a proven solution that simplifies in-vehicle integration and accelerates compliance and interoperability verification across the ITS environment. With UXM-5G, Keysight extended the V2X testing from the application layer to the physical layer.

Learn more: SA8700A C-V2X Test Solution

Nordsys Has Joined Keysight Technologies

Nordsys, now part of Keysight Technologies, is combining its advanced automotive software integration team with Keysight’s superior physical layer solutions and PathWave test automation and management platforms.

The addition of Nordsys to the Keysight family establishes a world-class autonomous drive emulation platform that will slash automakers’ test time and expenses, and catapult the reliability of their offerings. As the autonomous driving industry grows and technological demands rise, we’re exceeding expectations. Together, we provide unparalleled results to automotive customers around the world.

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WaveBee V2X Test Tool Chain

Tech.AD Award 2024 Winner: V2X Connectivity & Validation

Keysight WaveBee Touch has won the Tech. AD EU 2024 Award under the CATEGORY: V2X Connectivity & Validation. It introduces a revolutionary approach by enabling easy V2X message analysis and validation through a handheld tablet.

This user-friendly product makes V2X testing accessible for various applications, from bench testing to field evaluations. It support for multiple V2X standards, including SAE, ETSI, and C-SAE, as well as multiple communication technology options such as DSRC/IEEE802.11p and C-V2X/PC-5 sidelink, underline its adaptability and pioneering nature.

AV1021A WaveBee Touch Tech.AD Award 2024 Winner
WaveBee Hive V2X HiL Test System, front view

V2X HiL Test System - AV1000/1A WaveBee Hive/Extended

The AV1000A/1A WaveBee Hive is a compact DSRC/IEEE 802.11p and C-V2X HiL V2X test system and multi-stack environment for automotive simulations. Meet the automotive industry's requirements for sophisticated, reproducible test environments.

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