Maximize Your Test Automation Success

You're ready to start your transformation to test automation powered by artificial intelligence — but where to start? Eggplant subject matter experts are ready to work closely with your team to design, execute, and optimize your test strategy. Whether onboarding Eggplant quickly and easily, training your team or improving their skill set, integrating Eggplant with other platforms or workflows, or overcoming bandwidth challenges, the Keysight Eggplant services team is ready to help you achieve your automation goals.

We're Ready to Work with You

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Support services

Accelerate your implementation with enablement, platform onboarding, initial training, or ongoing training programs to help your team get the most out of Eggplant.

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Consulting services

Augment your test practices with experts who can help with test architecture design, test automation strategy, and consultations that move defined projects to completion.

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Test as a Service

Need a helping hand? Our managed services team can execute software testing and performance testing as a service, so you can focus resources on other business objectives.

Select the Right Services for Your Organization

Accelerate time-to-value | Mitigate implementation risks | Realize the full value of Eggplant

Support Services

This service facilitates your Eggplant implementation, helping you set up quickly and effortlessly. Technical experts work with your team to configure your test environment, and suggest follow-up training programs tailored to your specific needs — from implementing best practices to perfecting your strategy for test automation.

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Consulting Services

Our team brings additional resources to engage with your team to tackle tough challenges. We offer services to assist with test architecture design, test automation strategy, project-based consultancy, and ad-hoc ongoing consultancy. We help you achieve outcomes faster by working alongside your team to move projects to completion.

Test as a Service

Lacking expertise or bandwidth to meet your testing or performance requirements? Our experts can handle your entire testing effort. Whether you’re looking for regression testing, load testing, or something else, we offer the people and expertise to help you deliver against your testing timelines without delay.

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Need personalized support to jumpstart your test automation?