Simplify Test Set Up and Configuration

The WaveJudge offers a powerful graphical user interface, that can be used standalone, with strong visual emphasis in troubleshooting and configuration.The user-friendly software control package greatly simplifies test set up and provides quick graphic confirmation of the test configuration. Its outstanding visual analysis tools can be expanded to troubleshoot in cross-platform environments thanks to its powerful import and export features.

Powerful Graphical User Interface

The WaveJudge offers a powerful graphical user interface that simplifies the test setup and configuration. Using the GUI, you can:

  • Identify and analyze complex antenna schemes including MIMO and beamforming
  • Compare expected vs. received frame structure and identify allocation issues
  • Synchronize and reference signal errors
  • Visually inspect scheduler performance
  • Capture the attach process beginning with UL power
  • Trace the bytes as they move through the MAC, RLC and PDCP layers
High Speed Digital Design using ADS Software
Cross Platform Import and Export Features software

Cross-Platform Import and Export Features

WaveJudge can troubleshoot different environments and troubleshoot various system interfaces thanks to its powerful import and export features. These are the supported IQ captures:

  • Keysight E7515B UXM 5G
  • Keysight VSA (89600)
  • Keysight ORAN Studio
  • Keysight Propsim Channel Emulator
  • Keysight UeSIM UE Emulator
  • Keysight WaveJudge

SJ001A WaveJudge Wireless Analyzer Toolset

The WaveJudge Wireless Analyzer Toolset combines powerful over-the-air communications analysis and real-time protocol decoding and PHY analysis. It is an essential tool for troubleshooting 5G network performance problems between devices and base stations in development and deployment.

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