See a True Representation of Your Signal

Whether you have to debug your latest design or verify compliance, it is critical that your oscilloscope displays a true representation of your signal. This requires world-class signal integrity. Infiniium S-Series oscilloscopes were designed with this in mind. The S-Series provides superior time base, front-end, and ADC technology blocks. This gives you a platform with up to 16 bits of resolution, low noise, low jitter, and high effective number of bits (ENOB) — giving you visibility into the true performance of your device.

  • Test with up to 16 bits of vertical resolution with our advanced system architecture
  • Achieve 500 MHz to 8 GHz of bandwidth and up to 12 bits of resolution
  • See the truest representation of your signal with the industry’s best signal integrity
  • Access up to 16 digital channels in addition to 4 analog channels with mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO) models
  • Get accurate and repeatable measurements along with a flat frequency response with the built-in correction filters
  • Meet your measurement challenges with the industry’s most advanced platform: 240 GB removable solid state drive, powerful motherboard, fast data offload, and capacitive touch screen

PathWave BenchVue Oscilloscopes Software

Intuitively control your oscilloscopes, capture screen images, and log data measurements for more efficient analysis.

  • Connect and control your oscilloscopes through the cloud.
  • Export results in only three clicks to popular tools, such as MATLAB, Microsoft Excel, or Word for documentation or further analysis.
  • Visualize multiple types of instrument measurements simultaneously.
  • Create automated test sequences quickly with minimal instrument knowledge.
  • Receive KeysightCare software support subscription and license with each new instrument purchase.

Industry Leading Signal Integrity

Why does oscilloscope signal integrity matter?

Signal integrity impacts all oscilloscope measurements. The S-Series gives you a better representation of your signals under test with superior signal integrity. This enables you to gain more accurate insight to debug or characterize your designs.

Infiniium S-Series oscilloscopes are built on hardware that gives you the lowest noise floor, highest ENOB, highest bandwidth, and lowest jitter — all so you can see your true signals. In addition to this superior hardware, Infiniium oscilloscopes have a wide range of protocol, analysis, and compliance software for standards such as PCIe, USB, DDR, and more. This gives you an entire high-performance measurement platform for your test needs.

Key Specifications


500 MHz to 8 GHz


4 analog
+16 digital (MSO models)

Max Resolution

16 bits

Max Sample Rate

20 GSa/s

Max Memory Depth

800M points

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Infiniium S‑Series Oscilloscope Application

The Broadest Set of Oscilloscope Software Available

Infiniium S-Series oscilloscopes feature application-specific software that allows you to gain valuable insight into your design.

  • analysis applications: jitter/noise analysis, de-embedding, equalization, serial data analysis, offline software, and more
  • compliance applications: test to the exact specifications of technologies such as DDR, USB, and more
  • protocol applications: decode the protocol packets of more than 20 high-speed serial buses

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