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The Infiniium MXR-Series oscilloscopes are your window into the intricate interactions of complex designs. Offering illuminating views of all your crucial signals, the MXR-Series helps you go from symptom to root cause to resolution in minutes instead of hours.​ Leveraging the same hardware acceleration ASIC as the Infiniium UXR-Series, the MXR-Series accelerates eye plots and triggering with the excellent signal integrity that you've come to expect from Keysight. The MXR-Series also lets you future-proof your budget because it is fully upgradeable, including the number of channels and bandwidth. Buy what you need today and add more to your MXR-Series oscilloscope later.​

  • 500 MHz to 6 GHz on all 4 or 8 analog channels
  • Faster test speeds than ever before with ASICs from the Infiniium UXR-Series
  • Accurate measurements with effective number of bits (ENOB) up to 9.0, noise as low as 43 µV
  • 8-in-1 instrument integration: oscilloscope, logic analyzer, protocol analyzer, DVM, counter, real-time spectrum analyzer, bode plotter, and waveform generator in one unit
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution on a 15.6-inch display that can be extended or duplicated to a large monitor
  • Upgradeable in every possible way with dozens of options to make testing faster, easier, and less prone to human error

Bundles and Trade-In Programs

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Choose a Pre-Configured Bundle and Save

Save up to 25% when you purchase a new MXR oscilloscope and choose the bundle that best fits your needs.

PathWave Bench DMM Software enable each connection and control without programming

Simplify Data Gathering and Analysis

The MXR-Series offers a robust suite of powerful software for signal integrity, power integrity, protocol decode and trigger applications as well as compliance test applications.

The Infiniium MXR-Series Offers

  • Real-time spectrum analysis, ideal for testing fast-changing signals
  • >750,000 UI/s eye diagrams at 10 bits
  • 6 GHz on 8 channels
  • 16 GSa/s on 8 channels
  • 200 Mpts per channel memory, standard
  • Full upgradeability, no exceptions

Key Specifications


0.5 - 6 GHz

Analog Channels

4 or 8, upgradeable

Sampling Rate

16 GSa/s

Standard Memory


Waveform Update Rate

>200,000 wfms/sec

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