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Make Precise Measurements

Whether you work with computers, datacom, or communication standards, Keysight clock recovery solutions offer a wide data rate range, making them ideal for many transmitter and receiver test setups. The integrated optical-to-electrical (O/E) converter ensures flexibility, so you can use the same instrument to test various designs. The suite of digital communication analyzers, supporting software, and our clock recovery solutions enable you to measure with precision and confidence.

  • Achieve compliance for electrical non-return-to-zero (NRZ) and pulse amplitude modulation 4-level (PAM4) signals in all clock recovery solutions
  • Test more with one instrument – optical / electrical solutions integrate electrical clock recovery with an amplified O/E, enabling support for both optical and electrical applications
  • Choose an integrated or external user-supplied optical splitter
  • Analyze with ultra-low residual random jitter < 100 fs RMS
  • Gain deeper insight with the jitter spectrum analysis (JSA) capability
  • Be confident with your testing with a golden phase-locked loop (PLL) for compliant operations

Increase Efficiency With A Flexible Solution

Make more precise measurements with advanced capabilities and flexible options:

  • Achieve optimal measurement accuracy with an adjustable loop bandwidth and selectable peaking
  • Analyze with high-sensitivity and low-intrinsic jitter to ensure the precision you need for your electrical and optical designs
  • Identify the root cause of excessive jitter to gain insight into the magnitude and distribution of low-frequency jitter using the JSA option
  • Recover clocks from closed eyes with the integrated variable equalizers in the N1076B, N1077B and N1078A clock data recovery solutions

Key Specifications

Supported Data Rates

Up to 64 GBd

Input Type


Modulation Format


Supported Wavelength

830 nm to 1620 nm

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