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High-End Technology In A Compact Form Factor

Built on Keysight's digital communication analyzer (DCA) technology, the DCA-M family is recognized as the industry standard for verifying optical transmitter compliance to communications standards. With single to quad optical AND electrical channels in a compact form factor, the DCA-M is ideal for both manufacturing and RND applications. Analyze both multi-mode and single-mode signals with the low-noise, high-sensitivity calibrated reference receivers. The variety of models along with the supporting software and compliance applications ensure you can measure with high precision, whether you analyze electrical or optical devices.

  • Analyze a wide range of data rates, from 1 Gb/s through 64 Gbaud
  • Electrical channels are available with up to 50 GHz bandwidth
  • Characteristic intrinsic jitter as low as 160 fs RMS
  • Supported both multimode and single-mode for single to quad channels models

The Custom Power Behind Our Instruments

Pushing the boundaries of technology requires instantaneous bandwidth, spurious-free dynamic range, and signal fidelity beyond basic measurements. Keysight powers every performance product with custom MMICs, designed in-house, manufactured in our proprietary indium phosphide (InP) and gallium arsenide (GaAs) fab with custom ASIC signal processing that ensure the industry’s fastest, most reliable measurements. Count on Keysight to accelerate your next innovation. Our custom technology provides the DCA-M Sampling Oscilloscopes with edge sharpening diodes that result in higher bandwidth sampling.

Achieve Higher Precision And Accuracy In Your Testing

The common user interface and measurement features ensure efficient testing:

  • The DCA-M provides the measurement accuracy of the N1000A/86100D series, without the extra cost associated with an R&D test solution
  • Noise as low as 1µW (optical) and 275 µV (electrical)
  • Achieve the fastest throughput with a high sample rate up to 250 KHz
  • FlexDCA can be used in a DCA-M or DCA-X as a standard analysis software across RND and manufacturing

Key Specifications


Up to 45/50 GHz Optical/Electrical

Jitter RMS

As low as 160 fs

Supported Data Rates

1 Gb/s to 64 GBaud

Supported Wavelengths

750 to 1650 nm

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FlexDCA Software for Oscilloscopes

FlexDCA Software

Keysight’s N1010A FlexDCA is the software that runs on the DCA-M series of sampling oscilloscopes. It controls measurement hardware both as a local user interface and for remote control. In addition to acquiring data and making measurements, FlexDCA has powerful tools that boost productivity and provide insights into root causes of issues with the signal or device under test.

FlexDCA continues to evolve for applications such as:

  • research and design verification of electrical transmitters (ASICs, FPGAs, PHYs)
  • research, development, and manufacturing of optical transmitters/transceivers
  • analysis of reflections and transmission characteristics of electrical components and channels
  • general-purpose analysis of analog and digital signals

FlexOTO Application Software

Keysight's FlexOTO application software is designed for test system designers who are creating design validation and high-volume optical test systems. FlexOTO software drives down cost-of-test while maintaining the highest measurement integrity by

  • Automatic optimization of:
    • Instrument configuration
    • Optical switching / Signal routing
    • Signal acquisition
    • Signal analysis
  • Optimizes utilization of existing DCA-M assets
  • Simplifies setup of complex measurements
  • Easy integration into test flow

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