Make Bench-Quality Measurements with Space-Saving Modular USB Oscilloscopes

Roughly the size of a paperback book, these low-cost USB oscilloscopes make it easy to perform essential measurements — waveforms, voltage, current, resistance, and more. Inject standard or arbitrary waveforms into the systems or devices you’re testing with Keysight USB oscilloscopes.

  • Compact and portable with 2 channels, 100/200 MHz bandwidth
  • More accurate analysis of electronic designs with a deep 32 Mpts memory and high 1 GSa/s sample rate
  • Simplify your setup with USB plug and play capability
  • Quicker measurement configuration and acquisition with bundled Keysight Measurement Manager (KMM) software
  • Faster waveform analysis with FFT and waveform math and 26 built-in measurements
  • Advanced triggering including edge, pulse width, and line-selectable video

PathWave BenchVue USB Modular Oscilloscope Pro Software

Intuitively connect and control your USB oscilloscopes, capture screen images, and log data measurements for more efficient analysis.
  • Perform unrestricted data logging with limit checking and alerts.
  • Visualize multiple instruments simultaneously.
  • Grab screen images, trace data, and measurements to provide quick insights into your test challenges.
  • Export data to popular tools such as Microsoft Excel and Word.
  • Receive KeysightCare software support subscription and license with each new instrument purchase.

Leave Bulky Transit Cases Behind

The Keysight USB modular oscilloscopes let you carry powerful test gear in your bag along with your laptop PC. With Keysight, you an oscilloscope that is:

  • Affordable, portable, and compact
  • Fast to set up with USB plug-and-play capability
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Flexible expansion — standalone or as part of a test system
  • Multiple synchronized measurements

Key Specifications

Max Bandwidth

DC to 200 MHz

Max Memory Depth

32 Mpts

Max Sample Rate

1 GSa/s

Handheld / Modular


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