• Easy-to-use web-interface with point-and-click functionality. No command-line needed!
  • NetStack features built-in
  • Supports Keysight’s Ixia Fabric Controller (IFC) — a highly resilient and extremely easy to use SDN controller providing visibility management through a single pane of glass
  • Can be deployed in both inline and out-of-band monitoring modes simultaneously
  • Max 64 ports of 40/100GE | Max 128 ports of 10/25GE/50GE
  • 2RU

The Evolving Data Center

Data center design is evolving with the advent of software defined networking (SDN) which allows for completely software defined data centers (SDDC). We are seeing the rise of hyperscale, microscale and other high-density variations of data-centers emerging all at the same time. These technologies are barely defined, yet their growth over the next few years is predicted to be many multiples!

Though each serves a different purpose, a core component of these modern data centers is a building block, sometimes as small as a single rack, that includes the compute, storage and networking required to operate on its own — a containerized, independent unit. These individual blocks are great because one can be used on its own as the smallest microscale data center or thousands can be used together to create a hyperscale data center — and everything in between. Software plus hardware tailored for redundancy makes this both possible and cost-effective.

But, as data centers grow, the ability to see what is happening in the network diminishes. You need a cost-effective solution that operates like the building blocks, both capable of providing top-of-the rack visibility for a single unit and capable of scaling to thousands of racks with software defined visibility. Our Vision Edge 40 (E40), Vision Edge 100 (E100) and Vision 7816 are best-in-class, fully-featured network packet brokers that are ideal for the ANY size modern data center.

Hyperscale Abstract Image

Versatile. Vision Edge.

Network diagram

Our Vision Edge 40 (E40), Vision Edge 100 (E100) and Vision 7816, part of the Vision portfolio of network packet brokers, have the right features to handle the visibility requirements of a single rack, as well as that of a massive data center.

Vision Edge 40 (E40), Vision Edge 100 (E100) and Vision 7816

  • Cost-effective and can integrate seamlessly with into your existing environment — ideal for scale
  • Can be deployed rapidly and modified quickly with our easy-to-use web-interface, which makes configuration and re-configuration simple and hitless
  • Are ideal for expansion as they can be used standalone or with our turnkey Vision One or Vision X, as part of a Security Fabric
  • Are great for all visibility needs because they can be deployed inline or out-of-band – and even both simultaneously. Plus, they are multi-speed capable, to support evolving speeds!

Use in ANY Data Center

The Vision Edge network packet brokers (E40, E100 and 7816) can ensure the right data gets to the right tools in multiple data center configurations:

  • For top-of-the-rack visibility for a single site deployment with network and tools
  • In a leaf-spine architecture, aggregating across multiple racks in a smaller or microscale data center
  • In a distributed network, Vision Edge can be used with Vision ONE/X to form an Keysight’s IFC cluster, so tools at the data center can be used for multiple branch monitoring and security
  • With other Vision packet brokers (Vision X or Vision ONE) to leverage more advanced packet processing capabilities
  • In a hybrid monitoring environment with Keysight's CloudLens platform — visibility for public, private and hybrid cloud
Vision E40 and Vision E100 – Rack level visibility for any sized data center

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