The industry’s only solution purpose-built for pre-silicon testing

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  • Generate custom Ethernet traffic with hundreds of predefined packet templates
  • Powerful statistics, including bandwidth analysis and latency measurements based on emulation time
  • Unique dynamic traffic shaping via back-pressure ensures zero packet loss
  • Share test configurations between IxVerify and IxNetwork VE for both pre-silicon and post-silicon testing
  • Full automation capabilities with REST, TCL, Perl, Python, and Ruby API support
  • Flexible virtual test environment with support for multiple users
  • Support for IxNetwork and IxExplorer for L2/3 traffic generation and analysis

Problem: Complexity of Verifying Ethernet Networking Chips Before Tape-Out

Trends such as cloud computing, mobile edge computing, and 5G are pushing the boundaries of network capacity. To support this demand, network equipment and semiconductor manufacturers need to keep up by delivering ultra-high-density devices powered by state-of-the-art application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) and system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions.

Producing a SoC capable of handling terabits of traffic across hundreds of ports at speeds up to 400Gbps, is a costly and lengthy process. And with increased time-to-market pressures, all semiconductor and systems manufacturers are looking to optimize their development cycles. The costs associated with fixing bugs after chip tape-out are substantial and can easily be millions of dollars. To de-risk schedules, Ethernet testing needs to happen early and often in the chip lifecycle.

IxVerify deployment in an emulation-based design verification environment.

Solution: Virtualized, Scalable, and Automated Chip Testing

Introducing IxVerify, the industry’s only test solution purpose-built for pre-silicon verification. With IxVerify, Keysight and its partners are leading the way in transforming the EDA market by offering virtualized test solutions that work in conjunction with next-generation verification flows — leveraging virtualization to reduce costs and offer increased flexibility.

IxVerify extends our intellectual property and test expertise into the EDA space. It enables new and improved test methodologies to simplify pre-silicon testing and shifts testing ‘further-left’ into the chip lifecycle.

IxVerify provides hundreds of predefined packet templates for testing Ethernet and TCP/IP protocols and is capable of generating high volumes of traffic. With its ability to run hundreds of virtualized test ports at once, it offers the unique ability to verify the largest chip designs with dynamically shaped traffic, ensuring zero packet loss at maximum emulation speeds.

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