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L4-7 application performance testing of virtualized compute and network elements

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  • Delivers end-to-end testing of converged application delivery infrastructure and services
  • Provides elastic-scale performance for growing infrastructures
  • Features a simple OVA deployment model and flexible, pay-per-use licensing
  • Enables seamless application performance validation across physical and virtual networks using either IxLoad VE or standard IxLoad
  • Supports VMware ESX/ESXi and KVM hypervisor
  • VMone combines our Virtual Chassis and Virtual Load Module into a single VM, offering IxLoad VE users a simple deployment option and faster testbed generation

Validating Virtualized Assets

Problem: Questioning the Cloud

With its promise of cost savings and easy deployment, cloud computing is redefining IT environments. But while virtualization can glean greater value from data center resources, it can also add new layers of complexity to server architecture and network infrastructures. In fact, in order to justify migrating to the cloud, organizations need to be able to deliver the same—or better—performance than traditional networks.

Solution: An Easy and Elastic Tool for Testing and Validation

IxLoad VE supports complete functional and performance testing of virtualized servers and 10GE converged network adapters (CNAs) for cloud computing environments. Using our Virtual Load Modules, IxLoad VE is able to test a host of virtualized assets, including firewalls, deep packet inspection (DPI) devices, load balancers, and other network devices.

IxLoad VE works by emulating web, video, voice, storage, VPN, wireless, infrastructure, and encapsulation/security protocols to recreate real-world IT scenarios. A modular system design ensures it can scale with growing infrastructures. And because network degradations and breaking points demand fast remedial action, IxLoad VE consistently delivers real-time quality-of-experience metrics. What’s more, IxLoad VE’s user-friendliness means that even protocol novices can achieve end-to-end service validation.

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