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Novus™ High Density, High-Performance Load Modules Speed Time to Test Devices, Applications and Networks

Evolving your network is never easy. In fact, just selecting the right networking gear is challenging. But to keep up with the ever-growing needs and speeds, you must take the leap forward.

With Keysight, testing won't become your next big challenge. Our Novus load modules give you the flexibility and scale needed to validate from 100Mbps to 100GE technologies. They support validation of Layers 2 through 7 with Keysight’s award-winning IxNetwork and IxLoad test solutions. Our 5-Speed and 3-Speed models are the industry’s ONLY Dual-PHY fiber and copper test solutions and, for applications that require portability, the Novus ONE is our 3-Speed appliance.

The Novus portfolio delivers the options, speeds, and flexibility that today’s network engineers need, all in a single test device.

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Novus Products

  NOVUS QSFP28 100/50/25GE NOVUS 5-SPEED 10G/5G/2.5G/1G/100M NOVUS 3-SPEED 32-PORT 10G/1G/100M SFP+ NOVUS 3-SPEED 10G/1G/100M NOVUS-NP 10G/1G/100M NOVUS ONE
Port Density
(# of Ports)

8 x 100GE

16 x 50GE (fan-out)

32 x 25GE (fan-out)

8 to 16 32 8 to 16
8 to 16c 8 to 16
Physical Interfaces QSFP28 Dual-PHY SFP+ & 10GBASE-T RJ-45 SFP+ Dual-PHY SFP+ & 10GBASE-T RJ-45 Dual-PHY SFP+ & 10GBASE-T RJ-45 Dual-PHY SFP+ & 10GBASE-T RJ-45
OSI Layers Support i Layers 2/3 Layers 2–7 Layers 2/3 Layers 2–7 Layers 2–7
Layers 2–7
Users Per Card 8 8 to 16 16 8 to 16 8 to 16 8 to 16

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