Redefining MIMO and Massive MIMO Testing

User-friendly and stable multiport RF test platforms for fast and accurate MIMO and massive MIMO RF beamforming measurement and analysis

  • Phase and time coherent multi-channel RF measurements
  • Simultaneous multi-radio (DUT) RF measurement support

Keysight measurement application software

  • PathWave Vector Signal Analysis
  • PathWave Signal Generation
  • WaveJudge for advanced signal analysis from PHY/L1 to higher layers with MIMO and Beamforming
  • Keysight's KS8400A Test Automation Platform allows quick creation of automated test harnesses, for rapid design validation
  • 5G NR MIMO and Massive MIMO RF testing from 2T2R up to 64T64R radios and base stations
  • Open RAN MIMO and Massive MIMO Radio Unit Testing (O-RU)
  • Active Antenna Array testing
  • Proprietary multiport radio module RF MIMO and beamforming testing
  • Multiport RF measurements in RF conducted (RF cable connection) and in Over-The-Air multi-probe test setups

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