TrafficREWIND production network simulation

Regenerate production network dynamics in the lab

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  • Regenerate production traffic with more realistic application mixes using the new BreakingPoint Live AppSim
  • Record network traffic dynamics including application type, bandwidth distribution, and temporal behavior using AppStack IxFlow (NetFlow + specialized extensions)
  • Maintain data handling standards by using traffic metadata information (NetFlow), not storing actual traffic payloads like captures
  • Store up to 7 days of network traffic metadata and export up to 1 day of traffic summary test configuration
  • Scale the test using factor multiplication for even faster validation
  • Standalone or distributed deployment enabling elastic deployments and performance scaling
  • Analyze and synthesize NetFlow metadata with a simple and visual Web UI

Translate Production Network Traffic Insights into Real Traffic Stimulus for Test Environments

Problem: Reproducing the Realism of Production Networks in the Lab

Mirroring production network traffic in a controlled test environment has always been a time-consuming, complicated, and oftentimes frustrating process. Enterprise and service provider network operators as well as network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) waste valuable time and resources trying to replicate production network traffic conditions for fault analysis or to validate architectures and devices before deployment.

With today`s increasingly complex networks, dynamic applications, and user behavior, this translates into longer times to identify and fix issues.

Solution: Bolster BreakingPoint Traffic Realism With Network Insight

TrafficREWIND combines Keysight’s visibility and test expertise to deliver more efficient service and network rollout by replicating production network traffic.

TrafficREWIND translates production network insight into high-fidelity test traffic configurations that can be used in Keysight’s market-leading BreakingPoint application and security test solution.

Keysight’s AppStack capabilities, available on Vision network packet brokers, include IxFlow, Keysight’s unique NetFlow extension, to feed application-level insights into TrafficREWIND. This rich NetFlow metadata includes a wide array of network activities, and application and device behavior seen in production networks.

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