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Test Multiport Devices with Modulated Signals

Keysight’s M983xA PXIe vector network analyzer (VNA) combines all your measurements into a single instrument, enabling multisite, multi-DUT, multiport system characterization with faster speeds and greater flexibility.

Characterize your highly integrated, multiport components under modulated signal stimulus with a single connection using the M983xA’s multifaceted software, purpose-driven hardware, and configurable test set.

  • Choose from two frequency breaks up to 44 GHz.
  • Get PXI VNA speed and form factor scalability in a configurable test set with built-in noise receivers on each port and modulated signal measurement capabilities.
  • Build your multiport setup out of full two-port PXI modules.
  • Scale your test with full multiport capability, cascading multiple modules for true multiport applications.
Power Amplifier Production Test Essentials 3D cover image

Power Amplifier Characterization

Characterizing power amplifiers presents significant test challenges, particularly when the amplifier exhibits nonlinear behavior. Learn how the Keysight M983xA PXI network analyzer simplifies power amplifier performance verification by using flexible hardware and advanced software capabilities to improve error vector magnitude measurement accuracy and repeatability.

Get Versatile Multiport and Multisite Capabilities

  • Add multiple PXI modules for more test ports.
  • Gain full multiport correction capability.
  • Choose to configure multiple independent PXI VNAs in a single chassis.
  • Select two-port or multiport for each PXI network analyzer.
  • Choose synchronous or asynchronous triggering.
M980xA PXI VNA showing multisite, multiport capabilities
M9804A PXI VNA multiport test set up

PXI Network Analyzer Software

Network analyzer software tools enable you to investigate, characterize, and troubleshoot your designs in various measurement applications. The M983xA series modulated signal measurements provide complete multiport, multi-measurement characterization with a single connection.

Key Specifications

Frequency Range

10 MHz to 20 GHz
10 MHz to 44 GHz

Dynamic Range

146 dB

Output Power

18 dBm

Trace Noise

0.0015 dB at 10 kHz IFBW

Built-In Ports


Best 201 Point Sweep Time

1.4 ms

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