Digital Interconnect Test System, Reference Solution

When you need to measure advanced S-parameters with a fast, low-cost and easy-to-use test solution, the Digital Interconnect Test System gives you a significant edge. It provides a full 50-port vector network analyzer (VNA) configured within a single PXI chassis – ideal for high-speed cable testing. And lets you test any linear passive interconnect faster and easier, including backplanes, connectors and PCBs. Sharpen your edge with Keysight’s Digital Interconnect Test System that enables signal integrity characterization of multiport interconnect products.

The Keysight Physical Layer Test System (PLTS) Software lets you perform multi-domain analysis. Customized software is included to help you cut your test time in half. To facilitate evaluation and integration in your test environment, you can use the test code examples provided that are designed to increase test throughput with a user-friendly graphical user interface.


  • Provides full signal integrity characterization of multiport interconnect products for high-speed digital applications
  • Performs multi-domain analysis including time-domain, frequency, or eye diagram measurements, crosstalk, W-element model, skew and much more
  • Provides full cross-bar calibration for full S-parameter model
  • Includes a customized Application Programming Interface (API) to synch with PLTS for fast and easy automated testing


  • Offers 32-port vector network analyzer up to 53 GHz with the choice of five frequency ranges
  • Tests any linear passive interconnect 50% faster and accelerates S-parameter measurements
  • Obtains a fully populated 1,024 element S-parameter matrix within 20 seconds for 32-port crosstalk measurements
  • Configure up to a maximum of 50 test ports to characterize up to 12 differential interconnects simultaneously


M980xA PXIe Vector Network Analyzer

  • Frequency: 9 kHz to 4.5, 6.5, 9, 14, 20, 53 GHz
  • Dynamic range: 140 dB
  • Trace noise: 0.0015 dB rms (10 kHz IFBW)

N4691D ECal

  • Frequency: 300 kHz to 26.5 GHz
  • Number of ports: 2-port (standard 3.5 mm (f) connectors)

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