Keysight Technologies provides MMIC Specialty ICs ideal for microwave radio, aerospace and defense, and instrumentation applications.

These parts are sold exclusively through distribution. Please use the ‘How to Buy’ link to contact your local distributor.

For more information about MMIC, please visit MMIC millimeter-wave and microwave devices


1GG6-8083 0.25 GHz-8 GHz IQ Modulator

The 1GG6-8083 is a broadband IQ modulator designed for instrumentation applications 

  • Broadband: 250 - 8000 MHz
  • High Linearity: -74 dBc ACLR (4-carrier WCDMA, 2 GHz)
  • Low +8 dBm LO Drive

HMMC-5642 Broadband Lossy 1:2 Balun DC-110GHz

The HMMC-5625 broadband lossy balun converts single-ended input signal into a pair of differential outputs 

  • Wide Frequency Range: DC – 110 GHz
  • Input Impedance: 50 ohms unbalanced
  • Load Impedance: Two 50 ohm unbalanced or 100 ohm blanced
  • Broadband Input Match: 15 dB RL at 50 GHz typical; 10 dB RL at 110 GHz typical

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