Meet the SL1010A Scienlab BMS (Battery Management System) Environment

A BMS assumes important safety, control, and regulation functions. Those functions include monitoring parameters such as voltage, current, temperature, and state of charge (SOC). A BMS also regulates thermal management, energy management, cell balancing, and performance.

The Scienlab BMS Environment from Keysight enables you to test and improve all the above-mentioned functions of the BMS during the BMS development. Instead of real cells, Scienlab Cell Emulators are connected to emulate various cell types including ready-to-use cell-models. The modular system architecture enables individual compilation and flexible control of the system. The emulators are implemented by standardized interfaces into HiL environments such as Vector or dSpace.

  • Safety for personnel and product even in critical operating points — because no real components are used
  • No risk of hazards from the cell chemistry and the electrical energy of the battery
  • Real-time interfaces for fast data transfer (1 Gbps) between the test systems and the HiL system

High Performance for All Your Battery Management System Test Applications

The Scienlab Battery Management Systems (BMS) test solutions leave nothing to be desired:

  • Parameterizable cell models for each cell type
  • Maximum measuring precision and dynamic control
  • Cell temperature through emulation of typical RTD sensors such as PT-100, PT-500, PT-1000, Ni and KTY
  • Battery current sensors (up to ±1000 A at a 100 µOhm shunt)
  • Individually defined errors such as insulation faults at the battery voltage, line breaks, short-circuits, or reverse polarity
SL1010A Scienlab Battery Management System (BMS)

Key Specifications

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Learn More About the BMS Environment

Our solutions engineer, Mahmoud Khaleif explains how Keysight’s Scienlab BMS Environment enables critical testing during BMS development. Listen as he explains the various emulation capabilities of the system, while ensuring personnel safety.

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