• Software: Test Exec SL 7.1 & TS-5000 Family Application Software 7.1V with multi-threading support over 400 built-in automotive test libraries
  • Signal switching: Up to 464 x 4 matrix
  • Load switching: Up to 64-channel x 40A and 288-channel x 7.5A and 192-channel x 2A
  • Power sources: Up to 1kW modular power supply
  • Measurement: 6.5 Digit DMM, 2/4 ch, 16 bit, 20MSa/s, 32-channel high voltage data acquisition module
  • Stimulus: 2-ch, 30Mhz with up to 16Msa/channel ARB, 8/16-ch 16-Bit digital/analog converter (DAC), isolated 100V, 200 mA voltage/current (V/I) source

The Keysight TS-5400 PXI Series Functional Test System provides automotive, aerospace and defense and industrial control manufacturers with an off-the-shelf PXI hardware and software platform with support for single or multiple DUT test. Designed for testing electronics control modules such as, power train control, complex body electronics and industrial controllers, the TS-5400 PXI Series helps manufacturers achieve higher throughput for their design validation and manufacturing functional test needs with the capacity to empower them to anticipate future functional test needs.

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TS-5400 PXI Functional Test System with Mac Panel Interface

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