Automatically configure X-Series signal analyzers for accurate correction data and more repeatable results


The U7228A USB preamplifier (10 MHz to 4 GHz) brings reliable gain and low noise figure to measurement systems. It improves the overall system performance and reduces systematic errors.

When connected to an X-Series signal analyzer, the USB preamplifier automatically configures the analyzers to detect the specific preamplifier connected, and downloads the embedded calibration data such as gain, noise figure and S-parameters. The calibration data provides accurate correction data and more repeatable results for each measurement.

Embedded smart features and benefits:

  • Automatic gain correction value with temperature compensation and transfer of calibration data (noise figure and S-parameters) through USB plug and play features for improve noise figure measurements when used with the X-Series signal analyzers
  • Excellent noise figure and optimized gain with the X-Series signal analyzers improves measurement accuracy and minimizes uncertainty
  • Broadband operating frequency from 10 MHz up to 4 GHz for various applications
  • Rugged and portable design for benchtop measurements or remote front-end field applications

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