• Fast and convenient measurements with GCA's SMART Sweep.
  • Highly accurate results with a guided calibration - power and mismatch correction.
  • Complete amplifier and frequency converter characterization with 2-dimensional (2D) sweeps, choice of sweep frequency per power, or sweep power per frequency.
  • Flexibility with a variety of compression algorithms - compression from linear gain, maximum gain, or X/Y compression.

The S95086B Gain-Compression Measurement (GCA) software provides fast and accurate input power, output power, gain, and phase at the compression point of an amplifier or frequency converter over a specified frequency and power range. With a simple setup, GCA reduces test times through an easy-to-use, fast, and accurate SMART Sweep. GCA also includes a guided calibration that corrects for absolute power levels, frequency response, and mismatch errors.

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  • Enables software application on your PXI VNA.
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