The P5577PSWA PCIe 6.0 Protocol Exerciser Traffic Analysis Software combined with the P5573A Protocol Exerciser, with its integrated, single add-in-card design, brings unparalleled test tools to the world of protocol traffic debugging for PCIe 6.0. The vast feature sets of the exerciser provides deep functionality for configuring traffic setup, while also providing improved data exchange with the analyzer. This not only completes all demands of PCIe 6.0 protocol testing in one simple and user friendly interface but also enables more focus on designing and automating unique test cases while saving amounts of time and energy.

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LTSSM Tester

LTSSM Tester mode allows validation of the different paths through the branches of the Link Training Sequence State Machine that are defined for PCIe. With over 100 available LTSSM test cases, the exerciser can provide a clear picture of LTSSM compliance from 2.5 GT/s up to 64 GT/s.

Link Configuration

The P5577PSWA PCIe 6.0 Protocol Exerciser Traffic Analysis Software supports a wide variety of configuration options for the PCIe link providing the user with a powerful tool for testing PCIe devices.

Lane Tester

The P5577PSWA PCIe 6.0 Protocol Exerciser Traffic Analysis Software supports automatic lane reversal to be enabled and disabled, as well as the ability to invert transmitter lane polarity on specific lanes.

Customized PCIe Traffic Generation

With PCIe Exerciser mode, customizable Configuration Reads and Writes, I/O Reads and Writes, Memory Reads and Writes, Messages, and specific Completion types are possible. Templates for each command type are provided in order to create test cases quickly. The Traffic Setup interface in the P5573A allows I/O workloads and payloads to be created to simulate different conditions for the DUT and perform Performance Characterization.


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