The N9020A MXA is a flexible signal analyzer; 10 Hz up to 26.5 GHz with up to 160 MHz analysis bandwidth. Designed to test multiple wireless formats and devices with built-in applications.


Accelerate Development of Wireless Devices and Adapt to Evolving Test Requirements

  • Shorten test times with rapid local measurements, display updates, marker peak searches, and fast sweep
  • Simplify testing with fast one-button measurements from PathWave X-Series measurement apps: LTE, WLAN, MSR, and more
  • Capture elusive or transient signals with full-band real-time spectrum analysis
  • Perform deeper troubleshooting with the PathWave 89600 VSA software

What's included:

  • Spectrum analyzer measurement application
  • Dual-core, high-performance processor, 8 GB RAM, removable solid-state drive
  • Frequency reference
  • Fine-step mechanical attenuator
  • 10 MHz/25 MHz analysis bandwidth
  • Enhanced phase noise
  • Real-time link (40 MHz bandwidth)

Extend the Capabilities of Your Product

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