The N9010A EXA is a general purpose signal analyzer; 10 Hz up to 44 GHz. The EXA signal analyzer provides a solid mix of speed and performance to 40 MHz bandwidth.


Fast, Flexible, General-Purpose Signal Analysis

  • Address diverse needs with a single tool
  • Get the most cost-effective analysis for millimeter-wave measurements
  • Measure the smallest signals in the presence of large ones with level accuracy, DANL, and TOI
  • Perform power measurements quickly at discrete frequency points with list-sweep mode
  • Simplify testing with PathWave X-Series measurement apps: phase noise, noise figure, analog demodulation, wireless communications, and more

What's included:

  • Spectrum analyzer measurement application
  • Dual-core, high performance processor, 8 GB RAM, removable solid-state drive
  • Frequency reference
  • Mechanical attenuator, 10-dB steps
  • 25 MHz analysis bandwidth
  • Enhanced phase noise
  • Real-time link
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