The N7747C optical power meters provide the highest accuracy and sensitivity performance in compact front-panel sensor instruments. A successor and direct replacement for the N7747A, it continues the optical performance level of the 81634B modules.


The 2-port N7747C and 4-port N7748C optical power meters provide the highest accuracy and sensitivity performance in compact front-panel sensor instruments. These are successors and direct replacements for the N7747A and N7748A and continue the optical performance level of the 81634B modules.

Highest accuracy and sensitivity for single measurements and optical power logging

  • 110 to +10 dBm power range with very low noise and drift
  • ±2.5% uncertainty at reference conditions
  • In-range linearity below ± 0.005 dB for highest IL measurement accuracy
  • Very low polarization dependence for great stability and PDL accuracy

Large memory and buffer enable data acquisition for swept-wavelength and transient measurements

  • Data acquisition with up to 1 million samples per second and per port
  • Memory for 1 M samples/port plus 1 M/port buffer for continuous logging
  • Averaging times from 25 µs to 10 s per sample

The family’s deepest dynamic range

With actively cooled InGaAs detectors and optimized high-performance analog electronics, these instruments provide the lowest level of noise and drift to provide a very low and stable zero-signal level. The very high linearity and low polarization dependence give peak accuracy over the full power range.

Analog output port perfect for automated alignment

  • Analog output with linear feedback for alignment
  • Standard BNC connector with 0 to 2 V output

The highest sensitivity and the analog voltage output make a powerful combination for use in operations for probe and fiber alignment and other optimization routines, where a very weak initial signal level must be detected and then tracked in real-time to increase the signal level. The voltage on each channel’s analog output port provides a linear representation of the optical power level.

Two and four port with user-exchangeable connector receptacles

N7747C is equipped with two power sensor channels, N7748C provides four power sensor channels. Each port accepts one of the proven 81000xI connector interfaces to adapt to common fiber-optic connector standards.

  • 81000xI connector interfaces support a wide range of common fiber-optic connectors
  • The instrument can be controlled via LAN and USB
  • The comprehensive hardware and trigger concept along with its large memory storage gives the flexibility to adapt the power meter to many test needs
  • The instrument programming code is compatible to the Lightwave solution

GUI available via LAN or USB, no software installation required

The graphical user interface opens after accessing the instrument from your web browser. If a LAN connection is not available, it is sufficient to connect the instrument via USB to a PC. The instrument shows up as a new drive with a shortcut. A click on that shortcut lets any modern browser open a connection to the instrument: the graphical user interface appears. It’s as simple as that!

Members of a growing family

The N7747C and N7748C benefit from the N77-C’s family-wide, common trigger concept, and a modern, browser-accessible user interface, that makes it convenient to configure the instrument’s functionality. High-speed measurement data acquisition, faster data interfaces, the use of dual-ported RAM for uninterrupted simultaneous measurement and readout, and fast power range switching help avoid unnecessary delays in the measurement process as well as in post-processing.

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