N5225B PNA network analyzers offer robust architecture, configuration options, and a wide selection of test software as the ideal RF test system.


A Powerful Combination of Hardware and Software

The N5225B PNA network analyzer combines integrated hardware and advanced software applications to provide the highest measurement accuracy and speed for active device characterization. Tackle your most troublesome measurement difficulties with the industry-leading capabilities of the N5225 PNA network analyzer. Built-in pulse modulators and pulse generators provide pulsed S-parameter measurements. Examine and resolve nonidealities in your designs by using a diverse set of software applications hosted on the N5225 network analyzer.


  • opt for either a 2-port single-source or a 4-port dual-source model
  • achieve the most accurate S-parameter measurements with low uncertainty and exceptional test stability
  • assess the linear / nonlinear component characteristics using user-friendly software applications

Extend the Capabilities of Your Product

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