Kit contains

  • pair of 6 dB attenuators
  • pair of 12 dB attenuators
  • pair of 20 dB attenuators

The dynamic range of Keysight’s InfiniiMax probes is 5 Vpp for the 113xA Series and 3.3 Vpp for the 1168A/69A. For the applications that need to measure larger signals with faster edges, the N2880A in-line coaxial attenuator kit allows you to increase the dynamic range of the probe system up to 50 Vpp and the offset range up to +/-30V, without affecting the bandwidth or rise time characteristics of the probe system. The N2880A comes with one pair of 6 dB, 12 dB, and 20 dB attenuators in each kit. Probe amplifier and head are not included.

N2880A InfiniiMax In-line Attenuator Kit

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