Best-in-class signal fidelity probing solution

As data rates of mobile bus system increase, the edge speed of the signal gets faster, thus requiring higher bandwidth probe solutions. At the same time, many systems deploy a continuously variable termination mechanism, switching the termination impedance back and forth between low and high impedance, in order to save the power consumption in devices. This requires a higher speed probing solution with high input impedance profile over a wider frequency range for low probe loading. This is common signal behavior in high-speed mobile communication technologies typically deployed in DDR/LPDDR and MIPI.

The MX0023A InfiniiMax RC probe provides the best of both worlds – high bandwidth and low loading, offering up to 25 GHz bandwidth and RC input impedance profile for extremely low mid band loading necessary to address modern high-speed probing requirements. It also provides a wide variety of flexible connectivity solutions, covering today’s emerging signaling standards such as DDR5/LPDDR5 and other high-speed signal debug and validation test needs.

Higher accuracy and lower noise

Each individual InfiniiMax RC probe amplifier contains its own frequency response data. As with the InfiniiMax III and III+ probe amp, the unique s parameter of the InfiniiMax RC probe amp is stored in the probe amp and is used with the s parameters of the various probe heads to further flatten the magnitude and phase response of the probe for high accuracy measurements.

A proprietary ASIC technology is utilized for the InfiniiMax RC probe to accommodate the highest performance needs and is unmatched by any product in the market. The technology enables an auto-switchable 1:1 and 4:1 attenuation ratio of the probe for superior noise performance while maintaining the maximum 25 GHz bandwidth. At 1:1 attenuation ratio, the probe provides 25 nV/√(Hz) of excellent spectral noise density referred to the input of the probe, which is comparable to the market-leading InfiniiMax II 1169B/68B probes.

Extensive line-up of probe heads and accessories

Keysight’s InfiniiMax RC probe supports a wide variety of high-speed probing applications with an extensive line-up of probe heads and accessories. Continuing the probe head topology pioneered by Keysight in the InfiniiMax I and II probe systems, three new probe heads are provided to accommodate multiple use models. The MX0100A and MX0106A offer an exceptionally wide operating temperature range of -55 °C to +150 °C, making them ideal for environmental testing of a wide variety of high-speed devices.

Key Features:

  • 25 GHz bandwidth - when used with MX0100A
  • “RC” input impedance architecture – 25 kΩ SE, 50 kΩ diff @DC, 170 fF with MX0100A micro probe head
  • Attenuation range: 1:1 or 4:1, auto-switchable
  • +/-16V offset range
  • Probe amp specific S parameter correction filter ensures flat frequency response

Recommended Probe Heads:

  • MX0100A 25 GHz Micro Probe Head
  • MX0106A 23 GHz Solder-in Probe Head
  • MX0105A 20 GHz SMA Probe Head
  • N2839A 21 GHz Browser Probe Head
  • N5425B 18 GHz ZIF Probe Head

Oscilloscope Connectivity:

  • UXR 3.5mm oscilloscope
  • UXR 1&1.85mm oscilloscope with N2852A adapter
  • 90000X, Q, V, Z-series oscilloscopes

Extend the Capabilities For MX0023A InfiniiMax RC Probe Amp

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