• Output ratings: 13V, ± 1A, 13W or 6V, ± 3A, 18W
  • Measurement accuracy: 0.05% + 1 mV, 0.05% + 300 µA (3A range), 0.05% + 100 nA (1 mA range), 0.05% + 10 nA (100µA range)
  • Digitize voltage and current at ~200k samples/s
  • High-speed changes in voltage with fast settling times
  • High-speed recovery and low-voltage droop when the DUT pulls fast slewing current pulses
  • High-speed, accurate µA leakage current measurement

Source Faster, Measure Faster

The M9111A is a 1-slot, 2-quadrant PXIe module that provides stable, glitch-free sourcing and sinking, and high accuracy measurements. It offers high-throughput and measurement quality for design validation and production test of RF power amplifiers. With industry-leading output stability under extreme, dynamic load conditions and unmatched transient performance to dramatically reduce voltage drop due to pulse loading, the M9111A SMU speeds test time. The high-speed M9111A can change its output voltage, stabilize that voltage, and accurately measure current from Amps down to micro-Amps all in less than 1 ms so that you can move on to the next test as quickly as possible.

The M9111A is part of the Keysight RF power amplifier/front-end module (PA/FEM) reference solution, which enables rapid, full characterization of next-generation power amplifier modules, such as power-amplifier devices, including S-parameter, demodulation, power, adjacent channel power and harmonic distortion measurements. This Reference Solution addresses two key test challenges facing PA/FEM manufacturers: reducing cost and increasing data throughput.




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