• fast characterization of single or multi-lane D-PHYSM receivers
  • reliable and automated calibration of signal parameters
  • complete and compliant RX test procedures enabling automated, unattended test
  • can be operated manually or under program control via customer or N5990A Keysight test sequencer
  • M8085DE1A D-PHY Editor enables the setup of all PHY-parameters in application terms

The Keysight M8085DC1A receiver conformance test software maximizes the value of your Keysight M8195A arbitrary waveform generator, helping you test, debug, and characterize your D-PHY 2.1 designs easily with an intuitive user interface. The software automates complex stress signal synthesis and calibration and receiver test procedures, replacing the human factor with consistency and repeatability. During the process, using the N5990A test sequencer, the software generates test reports that can be exported in HTML or MicrosoftTM Excel format for further data analysis.

Complete your D-PHY 2.1 test station with the Keysight M8085DE1A D-PHY Editor, a software tool designed to ease debugging of your D-PHY 2.1 DUT. This tool helps you to create complex D-PHY waveforms and is primarily used for ad-hoc debugging.

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