• configuration is SP6T, unterminated
  • electronic position indicator
  • current interrupt capability
  • magnetic latching

Superior RF Performance

  • isolation at 90 dB at 12 GHz
  • operating life at five million cycles
  • repeatability at 0.03 dB up to two million cycles

The Keysight L7206B unterminated multiport switch improves accuracy in signal RF and microwave signal routing and testing applications. This  electromechanical switch provides isolation and a 0.03 dB insertion loss repeatability. The warranty for the L7206B unterminated multiport switch is for two million life cycles.

The L7206B’s low insertion loss repeatability improves measurement accuracy by reducing sources of random errors in the measurement path. The repeatability and reliability of this switch guarantees measurement accuracy and reduces the cost of ownership by reducing calibration cycles and increasing test system up time. 

Ideal for manufacturing test engineers working on system integration, the L7206B unterminated multiport switch provides a reliable solution for signal monitoring and routing applications.

Note: Keysight Option 024 and Option 161 are default options unless specified otherwise.

L7206B Multiport Coaxial Switch

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