Demand for automotive radar modules in today’s vehicles requires a proven test solution test engineering teams can count on. The Keysight E8708A radar target simulator includes options for built-in measurement capabilities for occupied bandwidth and average power from the incoming radar-under-test signal.

Now test engineering teams can rely on a compact solution for current and future application ranges. The E8708A radar target simulator's range extends the coverage from 76 GHz to 81 GHz with 4 GHz bandwidth.

This solution is available with full-range simulation capabilities from 4 m to 300 m or in fixed ranges you define:

  • minimum 1 m physical distance to device-under-test (DUT)
  • optional built-in average power and occupied bandwidth measurement
  • optional built-in doppler simulation
  • available in both single- and dual-horn antenna configuration

Key Specifications

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E8708A Radar Target Simulator

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