Millimeter-Wave Signal Generator Frequency Extension Module (750 to 1100 GHz) provides high-power millimeter test signals; features a WR-1.0 output port flange.


  • Frequency range 750 to 1100 GHz
  • WR1.0 output port flange
  • High output power -23 dBm
  • Driven directly from an E8257D PSG, E8267D PSG, N5183B MXG, or N5173B EXG
  • Direct frequency control and display on the frequency generator
  • Pulse, FM, and ΦM available through mm frequency extender module
  • 9 V DC power supply included

The E8257DV01 millimeter-wave signal generator frequency extension module is one of the amplifier/multiplier chain series (WRxx SGX Series) from VDI, Inc. that has been designed to work directly with the E8257D PSG, E8267D PSG, N5183B MXG, or N5173B EXG. The module provides high power millimeter test signals for the WR1.0 waveguide band covering 750 to 1100 GHz. The E8257DV01 preserves the high frequency accuracy and frequency resolution of the PSG.

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