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  • 20-channel actuator / general-purpose switch
  • SPDT (Form C) latching relays
  • 300 V, 1 A actuation and control

The Keysight DAQM903A is a general-purpose switch module data acquisition system with 20 independent single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) relays. Use it to cycle power to products under test, control indicator and status lights, and to actuate external power relays and solenoids. Combine it with matrix and multiplexer modules to build custom switch systems. The module's 300 V, 1 A contacts can handle up to 50 W, enough for many power-line switching applications.

Standard product includes:

  • 1 DAQM903A, 20-channel actuator module
  • 1 functional test certificate
DAQM903A 20 Channel Actuator/GP Switch Module

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