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Today's high-speed digital designs require insight into the causes of jitter. Phase noise, one of the most important figures of merit of a signal generating device, can be a limiting factor in mission-critical applications like aerospace and defense communications.

This software helps you perform jitter, vertical, and phase noise analysis with Keysight's Infiniium 9000, S-Series, EXR-Series, MXR-Series oscilloscopes.

Time correlation of jitter to the real-time signal helps you easily trace jitter components to their sources. Additional compliance views and a measurement setup wizard now simplify and automate RJ/DJ separation for testing against industry standards.

This software automatically detects embedded clock frequencies and repetitive patterns of the data on the oscilloscope inputs and calculates the level of data-dependent jitter (DDJ) that is contributed to the total jitter (TJ) PDF by each transition in the pattern. It also comes with both spectral and tail-fit jitter separation algorithm. Since every waveform is different, multiple jitter separation solutions give you better answers for each individual waveform. Use the new tail-fit algorithm to properly identify and measure aperiodic bounded uncorrelated jitter, which is especially useful if the waveform is being influenced by cross-talk.

The Phase Noise analysis feature measures phase noise in a clock source. Get measurement results presented in a log frequency plot where the amplitude units are listed in units of dBc/Hz (decibels relative to the carrier power normalized to a 1 Hz bandwidth).

Jitter Analysis Provides

  • Automatic setup wizard for creating jitter histograms, trends, and spectrums
  • Automatic setup wizard for RJ/DJ separation via multiple algorithms, pattern lengths, BER levels
  • Multiple clock recovery methods
  • Calibration to remove RJ from oscilloscope
  • Composite histograms and graphs of separated RJ, PJ, DJ, DDJ, DCD and ISI jitter subcomponents
  • Composite histograms and graphs of separated TI, DDI, PI, ISI noise subcomponents
  • Spectral and noise BER bathtubs

Phase Noise Analysis Provides

  • Single Side Band (SSB) phase noise plots as log frequency vs. dBc/Hz
  • Two channels and cross-correlation to reduce broadband measurement noise
  • Differential clocks with reduced broadband measurement noise
  • Spread-spectrum modulated clocks
  • Broadband noise (RJ) reduction in cross-correlated time interval error (TIE) measurements
  • Integrated jitter measurements between two frequencies on phase noise plot
  • In circuit with InfiniiMax probes

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