• Use an available Calibrated Resistive Sensor Head (CX1211A to CX1216A)
  • Up to 15 A current waveform measurement
  • Low-noise current sensing from 1 μA
  • Small insertion resistance by resistive sensor heads: 5.5 mΩ to 1 Ω
  • Maximum standalone bandwidth: 20 MHz
  • Flat frequency response without frequency derating
  • Wide common mode voltage range: up to ±40 V
  • Furnished banana adapter enabling easy and higher current measurement

The CX1104A selectable shunt Current Sensor enables dynamic current measurements from 1 μA to 15 A using the low-noise sensing technology. Using one of 6 available Calibrated Resistive Sensor Heads, CX1211A to CX1216A, you can make dynamic current measurements with the most appropriate measurement range. Since the insertion resistance of these resistive sensors are quite small, from 5.5 mΩ to 1 Ω, you do not have to be concerned about the voltage drop across the sensor. The frequency response of CX1104A is extended to 20 MHz without large fluctuations, and there is no frequency derating usually seen in the case of current probes. Since the resistive sensor head is calibrated, you are able to make more accurate current measurements than ever. A banana adapter is furnished for convenient high current measurements.

CX1104A Selectable Shunt Current Sensor

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