Reliable, and Convenient Noise Injection for Receivers With Coax Connections

A coupling mechanism is required to inject the noise generated by the Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) onto an active SerDes link. Due to the high attenuation associated with coupling circuits, the broadband noise signal coming from the AWG must first be amplified. The three elements in the noise path, including the AWG, the amplifier, and the coupling circuit, must have a combined effect that meets the input noise specification of the receiver under test.

  • Specific to MIPI A-PHY® receiver testing.
  • Coupling between the AWG and the active SerDes link.
  • Includes amplification of AWG output.

The Keysight AE2090A MIPI A-PHY receiver test coaxial noise injection fixture offers an easy way to couple an AWG output to your DUT enabling you to combine the required noise profiles. This coax connector fixture is contained in a compact and robust automotive grade housing.

AE2090A fixture is required for Automotive SerDes MIPI A-PHY receiver testing with Keysight AE2010R software.

Use with the following solution:

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