Provides the tools and user interface that make up the 89600 VSA software including time and frequency domain measurements, hardware connectivity, signal recording and playback.


  • Time and frequency domain analysis with up to 409,601 point FFT
  • Flexible traces and displays with simultaneous and multi-measurements
  • Analog demodulation of AM, FM, PM signals
  • AM/AM, AM/PM, and gain compression for power amplifiers
  • Trigger with selectable level, slope, delay and hold-off
  • Record the acquired signal waveforms to playback for troubleshooting
  • Make group delay measurements using a simple wideband multi-tone stimulus signal (Channel quality mod analysis)
  • Import/export the multi-tone stimulus definition from/to Keysight N7621B Signal Studio software (Channel quality mod analysis)
  • Calibrate the input stimulus model with measured signal data (Channel quality mod analysis)
  • Perform simple and repeatable phase and magnitude channel response analysis (Channel quality mod analysis)
  • Support synchronous (simultaneous) or sequenced acquisition mode for multiple measurements

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