The 81626C High-Power Optical Head features a filtered large-area InGaAs detector. It operates up to +23 dBm (+27 dBm in 1250 nm to 1650 nm) and covers the wavelength range from 850 nm to 1650 nm.


The new 81626C high-power optical head provides a 5 mm detector area and allows flexible placement of the remote optical power meter, which is then connected to the N7749C. The 81626C accepts parallel beams with up to 4 mm diameter, standard SM fiber and MM fiber with max. 100 μm core diameter, NA ≤ 0.3. A wide choice of adapters allows input from popular fiber connector types, bare fibers or open beams. The magnetic D-shaped adapters allow rapid removal and replacement without twisting attached fibers.

N7749C interface for two or four optical power heads

  • Controls the remote heads
  • Sample averaging times ranging from 100 µs to 10 s for all heads
  • Readout over LAN and USB interfaces with built-in web-browser GUI
  • SCPI command set common to Keysight optical power meters
  • Power values logged with dual-1M sample buffers for each head, to sample continuously with internal or external triggering
  • Uninterrupted simultaneous measurement and readout minimize overhead time for repetitive measurements
  • Family-wide, common trigger concept

Analog output port perfect for automated alignment

  • Direct feedback for optimization processes like fiber alignment with analog voltage outputs, at the remote head itself and from the N7749C front panel
  • Either linear proportional to the optical signal power or logarithmic over decades of power levels.

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